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Fast Company: Most Creative People in Business
Fast Company

Dennis Miloseski, Global Vice President Samsung Design Studio. It takes both creativity and design savvy to turn an idea of something that doesn't exist into reality and, as Vice President of Samsung's Design Studio, Dennis Miloseski is doing just that.


Will Voice Assistants Change The Way we Use our Phones?

Featured in Forbes, by Dennis Miloseski. By leaving our devices tucked away and letting our assistants do the dirty work, we just might become more human again and spend much more of our quality time looking up.


Steph Curry and Palm want you to forget your phone
Fast Company

Fast Company cover and feature. When founders with an ambitious idea needed a hand, they drafted one of the NBA's most relatable stars. An exclusive look at the making of a rookie product.


Does Breakthrough Innovation Happen While Working From Home?

Featured in Forbes, by Dennis Miloseski. Leveraging old methods and tools and expecting the same results will stifle new product innovation and fall flat if not carefully managed. As we invent the new future of work, it's time to rethink what it means to be connected and put the value of human connection back at the forefront.


This Duo is Giving the Palm Brand a new Lease on Life
Surface Magazine

Dennis Miloseski and Howard Nuk, the founders of Palm, explain the technology brand's user-first philosophy of staying connnected while not drowning in the endless scroll.

Meet the new faces of Samsung in Silicon Valley

Samsung Design America is a newly revamped branch of Samsung's design efforts that's tasked with turning "science fiction into science fact." The San Francisco based group is not just looking at mobile but is also exploring new products related to the living room, digital appliances and other areas.


Fast Company Innovation Keynote
Fast Company

Delivering the keynote at the Innovation Conference in San Francisco around the future of invisible technology.


Cyborgs Won't Be The Only Ones To Love Next-Gen Wearables
Fast Company

Samsung takes on the thorny design challenge of building an intimate, fashionable, wearable computer.


The Future of Consumer Tech Is About Making You Forget It's There.
Fast Company

The Disappearing Smart Home. Wearable tech will also play a starring role in smart homes—at least if we expect them to offer the kind of breezy convenience that tech companies have been promising.



Design Is Changing How We Dress
Fast Company

Dennis Miloseski leads me into a small conference room with hundreds of images tacked on the walls, mostly sketches of thin, hollow cylinders, but also a smattering of pictures—a beautiful woman, a delicate silver bangle.


Gear Fit: How Samsung's fitness tracker got its curve.

For Samsung designers in San Francisco, the Gear Fit represents fashion-forward thinking and an effort to make the Korean electronics maker a trendsetter. CNET gets an inside look from design chief Dennis Miloseski on how the wearable came to life.


The changing role of design in a new era of device connectivity.

Dennis Miloseski, Head of the design studio for Samsung Design America, said that Samsung's new design arm is "in the business to turn science fiction into science fact."


Samsung Planning more Wearables for Launch of Next Galaxy S, Galaxy Note

"2014 is actually going to be a really big year," said Dennis Miloseski, head of studio for Samsung Design America. "We are planning some products around the launch of our flagship devices."



Samsung Focuses on Design

Samsung Design America, newly located in California's Silicon Valley, studio head Dennis Miloseski told Katie Fehrenbacher and the audience at GigaOM Mobilize: We staff multiple disciplines across experience design, UI design, all the way to industrial design and engineering. We're situated in San Francisco because it gives us a chance to work in completely new ways where we can co-create with companies that are in Silicon Valley.


The Gear Fit is what wearables should look like.
The Verge

Samsung steals its own limelight with a smartly designed fitness band. Samsung's rare restraint has produced its most innovative device in years.


Engadget Expand Keynote
Engadget Expand Conference

Expand is the world’s premiere, emerging technology conference. Engadget's managing editor reached out to Dennis Miloseski for the event keynote followed by a panel discussion around the future of mobile technology.


An inside look at Samsung's approach to product design

At a gathering of designers from Samsung's Korea headquarters, the company made it clear that it will continue to push toward being a lifestyle brand, and one that emphasizes connecting consumers with their personal electronics.


Samsung to turn science fiction to science fact

Apple may have style guru Sir Jony Ive, but Samsung has Dennis Miloseski, head of its year old Design America studio in San Francisco - he wants it known that Samsung is abandoning its equipment manufacturer roots and "approaching problems very differently and very much in a silicon valley-minded approach" he said.


Samsung vs Apple, The Battle For Design Dominance

Samsung's new design studio is run by ex-Googler Dennis Miloseski, a user experience specialist. It has end-to-end product responsibility across mobile, tablet, and domestic appliances for what Dennis calls turning science fiction into science fact. That is some portfolio!